• No Spray Controller

    A manual system of stopping Platform Magic from spraying eg: cups still on - cow going around again.
  • Draft Alarm

    Installed at the cups-off position, it lets off an alarm when it sees the reflector hanging on the rotary rail placed there by the cups-on operator.  This alarm alerts the operator/s to draft that cow.
  • Retention Bar Detection

    Avoids cows still milking being sprayed twice by the Platform Magic.  This system checks the position of the retention bar, only allowing the system to spray if the bar is up.
  • Cow Counter

    A digital display on the power unit that keeps count of the number of sprays that the sprayer has released.  Note:  as this counter counts sprays, accuracy cannot be guaranteed where cows may be sprayed twice.
  • Free standing Races

    Steel race work made by WETiT, hot dip galvanised and delivered ready to simply dynabolt down on the four corners.  Makes installs very easy and cost effective. Enables the teat sprayer to be easily moved to a new location if required.
  • Herd Split Alarm & Counter

    A combination of counter and alarm whereby you can set the alarm to go off when the counter reaches a certain number.  This alerts the operator to split the herd.
  • Frost Protection

    A simple system of bleeding the fluid from the hoses to prevent freezing.  Priming is equally quick and easy.
  • 100 litre Pressure Vessel Upsize

    There is the option to upsize the 50 litre pressure vessel (standard in the packages) to a 100 litre. 

Full List of Accessories

 Accessory In-Race UnitPlatform Magic
 Cow Counter✔  ✔
 Cups-on-detection ✘ ✔
 No-Spray Controller ✘ ✔
 Frost Protection ✔ ✔
 Pressure Vessel/Compressor  Stands ✔ ✔
 Bottom Fill Kit ✔ ✔
 Races - Single and Hi-Flow ✔ ✘
 Herd Split Alarm ✔ ✔
 Draft Alarm ✘ ✔
 Pressure Vessel Options (50 and 100 litres) ✔ ✔


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