Wetit Wand

The Wetit Wand has flexible, dynamic spray arm that reaches onto the platform, under the udder, providing superior teat coverage. The compact design of the WETIT Wand ensures it can be added to any shed and the maintenance costs are significantly lower than in-bail spray systems. 

The Wetit Wand calculates when to spray the teat using our Platform Positioning System for the bail position and cow. This technology also prevents twice spraying cows when the platform is stopped, reversed or restarted. 

The system includes Wetit Cups on Detection to ensure cows that are still milking (twice around cows) are not sprayed until milking is complete. This guarantees compliance with dairy companies that have strict regulations around residential teat spray in milk. The Wetit Wand can be installed in an existing shed in between milking or incorporated into new shed designs.

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