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The WETiT QD0 (QuaD spraying zero shadowing) In-Race teat sprayer.


Taking ten years to develop, this innovative technology is able to monitor each cow, switching the spray on and off at different positions depending on individual cow requirements. Every cow that walks through is guaranteed to be sprayed with the best possible coverage, extremely accurately, completely covering the surface of each teat. 

The QD0 frame is constructed with full stainless steel; designed for easy cleaning and is built to last.

This system is for you if:

  • You want the best possible teat barrel and udder coverage

  • You have fluctuating cow flow where the herd speed is variable from your leading fast movers to your slower-paced tail end walkers. 

  • Variations in herd and udder sizes and shapes


Available in Single & Hi-Flow (double).

What our farmers have to say.


Warren Storey, Waikato, NZ

250 cows, 24 aside herringbone - QD0

Warren Storey, Waikato, NZ

250 cows, 24 aside herringbone - QD0

"The QDO is installed and working great, you're right in saying they can't get away from it! Great peace of mind to know they are sprayed properly and one less job in the shed. Thanks for your prompt friendly service."

Dayne Addison, Waikato, NZ

"My QD0 saves me 30 minutes a milking. I thought nothing would be as efficient as me and cell count would rise but it has stayed low. Never looked back."

 Lee Stiven,, Otago, NZ

"Our QD0 speeds up milking time by at least 30 minutes each milking, making more time for other jobs. Wouldn't milk without it."

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We are here to help.

The Team at WETIT understands the concerns relating to how much work managing a dairy farm and its systems can be. 

We are here to help you. 


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