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WETIT Facts & Questions

How long does the mixed up solution last in the Pressure Vessel?

No more than 7 days maximum. However, this depends on your water quality. If the water quality is bad then it is recommended no more than 3 days.

Do I need a 50L or 100L Pressure Vessel?

This depends on herd size and how you have your teat sprayer adjusted. Based on 15ml/cow per milking, 500 cows will use 15Litres per day.

How far away can I have the Pressure Vessel?

It can be positioned where ever you like. As each system contains an Accumulator, this prevents pressure drop-off. (Check where the Compressor will be located as there is a standard 2 metres of hose to connect Compressor to the Pressure Vessel - additional metres of hose can be purchased if required).


Where should I locate my Pressure Vessel?

Needs to be out of the sun, close to water supply and chemical concentrate, in an area designed for wetness, must have no electrical equipment above the filler and must be in an area where the operator can easily view level indicator as they enter the milking shed at each milking.

Where should I locate my Compressor?

Needs to be in a dry area, close to power supply and needs to be away from the milkers due the noise when the Compressor activates (see 'Installations Points to Consider'). Mounts are available if you would like your compressor mounted on the wall, off the ground.

Do I need a Compressor?

Yes, there is no other way of pressurising the pressure vessel.


Do I have to pressurise during milking?

No, the compressor does it for you. It has a regulator and gauge which you set to a maximum of 60psi, and it turns on when the pressure drops and brings the pressure back up.

What pressure does the teat sprayer need?

Up to 60psi for optimum performance.

Is it possible to upgrade from Pump System to a Pressure Vessel later?   

Yes. You will need to purchase the Pressure Vessel & Compressor package which comes with 
relevant attachments.

Can we install it ourselves?

Yes. Each system sold comes with a comprehensive Owners Installation Manual.

How will we service the system?

Servicing can be done by WETiT technicians or by yourself. The basic service instructions are supplied in the Owners Installation Manual. However, service items need to be purchased from WETiT.

What are the service items?

IN-RACE: The main items are the reflector and pressure vessel sight glass. PLATFORM MAGIC: The main item is the sight glass on the Pressure Vessel. These are low cost items.

How much teat spray does it use?

15-20mls average per spray. The amount used can be adjusted by changing nozzles and length of spray time.

Can WETiT upgrade other auto teat sprayers to work like a WETiT unit?

Unfortunately we cannot. Each component of the WETiT systems are custom made & sourced to ensure the WETiT system is highest quality and as effective as possible.  For a limited time, WETiT will trade in other brands of teat sprayers on the QD0 In-Race System.  Contact us for further details.

Can we hook a manual gun onto the WETiT Auto Systems?

Yes. All that is required is a 'T' to connect the manual gun(s) into the 10mm Pressure Hose.

Will my existing teat spray pump do the job?

Yes, if it operates at a minimum of 35psi. It pays to check your pump specifications with a WETiT technician, as lower pressure may not be as effective.

Can I add Accessories later, such as Cow Counter, Draft Alarm?

Yes. There may be other costs such as installation.

What happens when the cows mess on the nozzles?      

The high pressure spray blasts it off when it next triggers.

Do blockages occur?

No, unless the filter is not maintained and very dirty water feeds through to the nozzles. (This could also disrupt spray shut-off).

How is the Platform Magic spray triggered?

The system is set to automatically spray each bale as it passes the trigger sensor. The AutoSkip checks the bale about to be sprayed, and if it senses a cow then it tells the spray system to release the spray. If there is no cow, the spray is not released.

Where does the nozzle mount?

It mounts on the side of the lead-in bridge immediately prior to the cow exiting.

What happens to cows that go around twice with regards to spraying?

The cups are sprayed on the first turn, the cow is sprayed on the second turn when the cups have been removed. However systems are available which work with most brands of automatic cup removers or retention bars. These systems allow the spray to be released only if the cups are off, or the retention bars are raisesd.  There is also an optional - 'No Spray Controller' - whereby the operator flicks a switch which stops the spray activating that one time.

Can an Internal Rotary be fitted with a Platform Magic unit?

Yes, we provide a pedestal-mounted nozzle for these sheds.

Does wind affect the teat sprayer?

The coverage on cows teats is not likely to be affected by wind inside a rotary shed. However, some overspray can occur in very windy sheds.  In-Race systems may require a wind break if in a high wind area.

What makes the In-Race system spray?

There is a beam that runs across the race and connects with a reflector. When the cow walks over the spray unit this beam is broken, and when the beam reconnects with the reflector behind the cow, the unit sprays. If the nose breaks the beam then reconnects under her chin (i.e. broken for a short period of time), the unit will not spray.

NOTE: This is not how the QD0 system works - this has a lengthy detection zone rather than the single trigger beam, and computer technology calculates the movement of the cow to trigger the spray - or several sprays - to ensure good coverage of the udder.

What happens if a person walks through the beam?

As the beam is only broken for a very short period of time, the unit will not spray.

How long does it take for the cows to adjust to it?      

Cows are generally used to it within a week, and sometimes only after one milking.

How do I know if I need a Single or Hi-Flow In-Race system?

This is dependent on two things: 1) the size of the shed; and 2) the yarding area between milking and T/S system. It is recommended to have a Hi-Flow system for milking greater than 24 aside. If you have a large catchment area then the speed through the In-Race will not be an issue and you may only need a single system.  Also, if using an in-race system as cows come off the rotary, a single is usually very effective.

Is cow flow going to be affected out of a HB?

Not at all using a Hi-Flow system (double exit). The spray system is set up on the exit gate from the milking shed, this is away from the immediate milking area. Sheds with bad cow flow need to address this problem before automating the teat spraying.  In some situations, the floor units of a Hi-Flow system can be positioned immediately at the pit gates.

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