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  • What happens when the cows mess on the nozzles?
    The high pressure spray blasts it off when it next triggers.
  • Do blockages occur?
    Generally no. However, not maintaining the filter and/or very dirty water feeding through to the nozzles could cause some blockages and also disrupt spray shut-off.
  • Does wind affect the teat sprayer?
    Coverage on cows' teats is not likely to be affected by wind inside a rotary shed. However, some overspray can occur in very windy sheds. In-Race systems may require a wind break if in a high wind area.
  • How long does it take for cows to adjust to the system?
    Cows generally adjust to any of our systems within a week, and sometimes only after one milking.
  • Can we install it ourselves?
    Yes. Each system sold comes with a comprehensive Owner's Installation Manual. However, we do recommend that systems are installed by one of our Wetit technicians, or a suitably qualified & experienced technician in your area.
  • How is the system serviced?
    Regular maintenance can be done by WETiT technicians or yourself. The basic service instructions are supplied in the Owner's Installation Manual. Service items need to be purchased from WETiT. We recommend annual servicing to extend the life of your system and our technicians are available by appointment.
  • I don't see a dealer in my area, can I still get a WETiT?
    Absolutely! We will work with you to find an appropriate installation agent near you, or we can guide you to install it yourself once we know your situation. Just give Hendrik a call.
  • How much teat spray do the systems use?
    The amount used can be adjusted by changing nozzles and length of spray time, and varies with type of system. The amount of spray is typically 25-35mls.
  • Can an internal rotary be fitted with a Platform Magic unit?
    Yes, we provide pedestal-mounted nozzles for these sheds.
  • How do I know if I need a Single or Hi-Flow QDO In-Race System?
    This is dependent on two things: the size of your shed; and the yarding area between milking and system. It is recommended to have a Hi-Flow system for milking greater than 24 aside. If you have a large catchment area then the speed through the In-Race will not be an issue and you may only need a single system. Also, if using an in-race system as cows come off the rotary, a single is usually very effective.
  • Is cow flow going to be affected out of an HB?
    Not at all using a Hi-Flow system (double exit). The spray system is set up on the exit gate from the milking shed, away from the immediate milking area. Sheds with bad cow flow need to address this problem before automating the teat spraying. In some situations, the floor units of a Hi-Flow system can be positioned immediately at the pit gates.
  • Can I add accessories to my system later?
    Yes! As we evolve and improve our systems, we ensure there are upgrade kits available that can be used to ensure your system stays state of the art. Contact our sales team for details.
  • Can we hook a manual gun onto the WETiT automated systems?
    Yes. All that is required is a 'T' to connect the manual gun(s) into the 10mm Pressure Hose.
  • Will my existing teat spray pump do the job?
    Yes, if it operates at a minimum of 60psi. It pays to check your pump specifications with a WETiT technician, as lower pressure may not be as effective.
  • Is it possible to upgrade from Pump System to a Pressure Vessel later?
    Yes. You will just need to purchase the Pressure Vessel & Compressor package which comes with relevant attachments.

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