WETIT Waves are the original foot placement device.

The WETiT Waves come with an 18 month warranty and money back satisfaction guarantee

Two different types are available:


WETiT WAVES fundamentally enhance the training of cows for more accessible teat cupping and removal in a safer cleaner working environment.


By positioning the cow in the bail with her legs spread, the milking routine is made easier, cleaner and faster. Teat spraying with the Platform Magic teat sprayer is extremely accurate.

The wave is constructed from a tough, durable technically advanced material. The manufacturing process ensures a long life span, with extremely high wear and impact resistance.


As with all WETiT products, WAVES have an 18-month warranty period.

Benefits Include:


  • Ensure perfect cluster alignment

  • Speed up milking time

  • Speed up cupping and removal

  • Reduce rubber damage

  • Reduces kicking making milking safer

  • Improve cupping hygiene

  • Stop cups sucking up mud & water

  • Improve teat sanitising


This latest version of WETiT Waves have all the same benefits as the original Wave and more! The Bolt Down Wave is longer than the original and can be attached to almost any platform. It has been re-designed in accordance with years of research, development and customer feedback.


  • Ensures perfect cluster alignment

  • Improves Teat Spraying accuracy 

  • Reduces teat spray usage

  • Automatically trains heifers how to stand correctly

  • Improved cupping hygiene

  • Tough and durable


Why is the Bolt Down version better?


  • Attach to almost any surface

  • Can use immediately after install 

  • Can be moved or relocated



  • No flat surfaces

  • Narrower centre

  • Better mastitis checking ability

  • Perfect cup alignment



  • More structural support

  • No disruption to milking - screw & walk awayIdeally suited to work in new sheds

  • Works well for varied herd sizes



  • Less cows slipping

  • Lameness easily identified

  • Easier cupping

  • Stress-free milking

  • Reduces kicking

What our farmers have to say?

Andrew Rogers, Palmerston North, NZ

260 cows, 36 bale rotary - WAVES

"These waves saved my shoulders. I had shoulder pain on a daily basis.  The Doctor said I may have to give up dairy farming.  I purchased the WETiT Waves for making milking easier and found 2 months later my shoulder pain was but gone"

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